Video | Hawksbill Turtle Floating Through Life

While hawksbill turtles seem to float through life without a care, they are actually highly endangered, despite protection from government ...

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Find out how the ever resourceful boxer crab cleverly fights off enemies in this educational short.

Video | Into the Mouths of Giants

MacGillivray Freeman Films takes you straight to the mouths of giants in this up close and personal look at the whale sharks of West Papua...

Video | Underwater Fireworks - Journey to the South Pacifc

Watch as the MacGillivray Freeman underwater film crew captures a huge school of anchovies erupting into sparkling silver swirls...

Video | The Floating Classroom - Behind the Scenes of Journey to the South Pacific

The Kalabia is a floating classroom that travels from island to island educating young villagers about the importance of their environments.

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Go behind the scenes of the IMAX film Journey to the South Pacific to see how the film crew captured images of a turtle mother laying her eggs..

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Check out a behind the scenes look at the how IMAX filmmakers captured these humongous creatures on the world's largest film format.

Video | Music of West Papua - Behind the Scenes of Journey to the South Pacific

Check out a behind the scenes look at how Steve Wood, the composer, traveled around Indonesia to find the perfect melodic influence for his...

Blog | This Canadian Goose is Ready to Fly South

Back in the lab, Melissa continues her adventures across Canada as she pursues her degree in Marine Biology.

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Sarah has yucky fun times while researching the hardly-pronounceable parasite “Mytilicola orientalis” and traveling Europe.

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Sharks are amazing vital ocean creatures. Here are 10 facts you should know about them.

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Students Peter Ackerman, Zachary Vaughn and Great Noeth took home top prizes for winning our World Oceans Day Video Contest!

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We gathered all of the great sea animal shots from IMAX and MacGillivray Freeman's "Journey to the South Pacific" and posted them here...

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The Kalabia teaches lessons to island children throughout the Bird's Head Seascape, as seen in Journey to the South Pacific.

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Go behind the scenes of our new IMAX film and discover the lush tropical islands of West Papua.