The Water Column

Studying the World’s Rarest and Smallest Dolphin

Graduate student researcher Lindsay Wickman tells us about her work to study and protect Hector’s dolphin in New Zealand. Read More »

Marine Protected Areas: What You Need To Know

Conservation got a major boost with the expansion of the Papahānaumokuākea Marine National Monument - but what does that mean, exactly? Read More »

National Parks Centennial

For 100 years, the National Parks Service has worked to perserve bodies of water around the country. Read More »

After the Ivory Tower: How to Stay Relevant in Ocean Conservation

You don't have to be a researcher to support conservation. See Melissa's top tips for getting involved as a consumer & citizen scientist Read More »

Plastic Soup - On the Menu?

In a sick twist of collective karma, the things we throw away circulate back to us one day. What to do? Read More »

Blue Zoo: Humpback Whales

Every year, humpbacks make a longer migration than any other mammal. They grow to be huge with a diet of tiny animals, and without teeth! Read More »

Dutch Quirks, Policy Works

When not studying Science, Business & Policy, Sarah examines why Dutch people and cheese both stand head and shoulders above the rest. Read More »

Humpback Whales: A Message of Thanks

We dedicate this to humpback whales, and to everyone who works on behalf of those – human and not – who need protection. Read More »

To Ph.D., or not to Ph.D.

Melissa ponders an academic career while exploring the Northeast’s freshwater and marine fisheries. Read More »

Smooth Sailing

Sarah spends the last month of summer researching aquaculture, but slips away for a weekend of sailing. Read More »

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