The Water Column

Humpback Whales: What’s a Heat Run?

Normally-peaceful leviathans further their species in a massive fight for mating rights - find out why! Read More »

World Oceans Day Video Contest Winners

Meet the winners of our World Ocean Day Contest and hear what inspired them! Read More »

Behind Anemone Lines

Sarah’s studies take her to Corsica, fulfilling (for once!) the romantic marine biology stereotype of clear blue water. Read More »

Weekly Dive Vol. 81

From singing whales to plastic art, read what's happening in our oceans! Read More »

Lessons from the Pond

This is my last summer as an MSc Candidate in Canada, and I plan to make the most of it! (When I'm not writing my thesis, that is....) Read More »

Weekly Dive Vol. 80

A Fish First, Dolphin Friends, Arctic Sea Ice and much more! The Weekly Dive, for your ocean news! Read More »

Ocean Heroes: The Ocean Cleanup

20 year-old inventor Boyan Slat and his organization, The Ocean Cleanup, are dedicated to removing plastic from the Ocean's Gyres. Read More »

Seal of Approval

Sarah’s research on mussel parasites continues with statistics, while she enjoys spring semester classes and seal-y excursions. Read More »

Join Our Team!

OWOO is always looking for talented Editors, Copywriters, and PR/Comm Experts to join our Team! Read More »

Let’s Go Blue This Earth Day!

Help us Go Blue this Earth Day by sending us photos of your ocean! Read More »

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