The Water Column

Blue Zoo: Humpback Whales

Every year, humpbacks make a longer migration than any other mammal. They grow to be huge with a diet of tiny animals, and without teeth! Read More »

Dutch Quirks, Policy Works

When not studying Science, Business & Policy, Sarah examines why Dutch people and cheese both stand head and shoulders above the rest. Read More »

Humpback Whales: A Message of Thanks

We dedicate this to humpback whales, and to everyone who works on behalf of those – human and not – who need protection. Read More »

To Ph.D., or not to Ph.D.

Melissa ponders an academic career while exploring the Northeast’s freshwater and marine fisheries. Read More »

Smooth Sailing

Sarah spends the last month of summer researching aquaculture, but slips away for a weekend of sailing. Read More »

Why Lake Trout Don’t Need a Calendar

Melissa explains how fish know when to mate, and shares her advice for aspiring researchers as a wizened almost-Master of Science. Read More »

Denmark My Words

Sarah explores Danish science careers and - are you herring this?? - snacks on a Dutch pickled delicacy. Read More »

Humpback Whales: What’s a Heat Run?

Normally-peaceful leviathans further their species in a massive fight for mating rights - find out why! Read More »

Behind Anemone Lines

Sarah’s studies take her to Corsica, fulfilling (for once!) the romantic marine biology stereotype of clear blue water. Read More »

Weekly Dive Vol. 81

From singing whales to plastic art, read what's happening in our oceans! Read More »

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