The Water Column

What’s Current This Week: Vol. 6

A curation of everything wonderful I picked up while surfing the web. Read More »

Blue Zoo: Crinoids

Feather stars and sea lilies are relatives of sea stars. They use their feathery arms to filter particles from the water for food. Read More »

The Weekly Dive Vol. 66

White House finalizes national ocean policy; coelocanth, “living fossil,” genome sequenced; & more ocean news! Read More »

Gifts from the Sea on Earth Day

In the aftermath of trauma in Boston, a family finds welcome respite in experiencing marine life - a reminder of the ocean's healing power. Read More »

Arctic Contest Winners

To celebrate the release of To The Arctic on 3D Blu-ray and DVD we decided to have a little contest with our online community. Read More »

Going Blue On Earth Day

The ocean, our lifeline, covers 71% of the Earth’s surface, but too often doesn’t get the attention it deserves. Read More »

Celebrate KelpFest & Earth Day on April 20

Come by downtown Laguna Beach on April 20, 9am-6pm to celebrate Earth Day and have fun at KelpFest! Read More »

Apex Predator

What it's like to join a shark tagging expedition, as told by a MacGillivray Freeman Explorers Fellow. (Hint: it's a smelly adventure.) Read More »

The Weekly Dive Vol. 65

Australia to confront Japan over whaling in UN court in June; young Arctic explorers plant flag on seabed at North Pole; & more ocean news! Read More »

From Turtle Harvest to Turtle Home

A community in Indonesia has halted their tradition of hunting turtle eggs in favor of protecting them, and it's paying off. Read More »

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