The Water Column

One Moon One Ocean: Star Whales

New species of whale discovered on a moon of Jupiter. One World One Ocean announces new film and conservation campaign, Star Whales. Read More »

Blue Zoo: Sea Spiders

Sea spiders form a taxonomic class called pycnogonida and can be found in all oceans and most marine habitats. Most species are very small. Read More »

What’s Current This Week: Vol. 5

A curation of everything wonderful I picked up while surfing the web. Read More »

Earth Day Takeover

The ocean is taking over Earth Day on April 22nd, and it needs your help: send us a photo of what the ocean means to you. Read More »

The Weekly Dive Vol. 62

'Dirty Blizzard' may account for missing Deepwater Horizon oil; groceries pledge not to sell genetically modified salmon; & more ocean news. Read More »

Blue Zoo: Chocolate Chip Sea Star

The chocolate chip sea star, named for the brown horns on its back, is found in Indo Pacific reefs, seagrass beds, and sandy bottom habitats Read More »

Ocean STEMulation: Whale Falls

A whale’s decomposing body becomes its own specialized seafloor habitat. It can support a whole community of animals, sometimes for decades. Read More »

The Weekly Dive Vol. 61

Ocean’s deepest point teems with microbial life; overfishing large fish could cause genetic shift to smaller individuals; & more ocean news. Read More »

Saving Kelp Forests: Abalone Restoration

This is the story of the great community effort to boost abalone populations in Orange County. Read More »

MacGillivray Freeman Looking for Freelance Copywriter

MF is hiring a Copywriter - an opportunity to contribute to a new chapter of the highest-grossing IMAX documentary company in the world. Read More »

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