The Water Column

The Weekly Dive Vol. 64

Chinese foreign fishery catch vastly underreported; dolphin-safe tuna certification requirements expansion proposed; and more ocean news. Read More »

Blue Zoo: Macaroni Penguin

The macaroni penguin was named after 18th century British “macaronis,” flamboyantly dressed men. Read More »

Ocean STEMulation: Sea Lion Bobs to a Beat

While moving in rhythm was thought to be linked to vocal mimicry, this sea lion shows that there’s more to it. Read More »

Fisheye: Spring Barrels Ahead

Here in Laguna Beach, the best way to catch a glimpse of some bright spring greenery is perhaps to slip below the ocean’s surface. Read More »

Apply to the Sylvia Earle Ocean Conservation Award and Win $500!!

Submit a video about your ocean hero to enter for One World One Ocean Campaign and MY HERO's Sylvia Earle Ocean Conservation Award. Read More »

The Weekly Dive Vol. 63

Deep-sea submarine donated to science by James Cameron; increased Antarctica sea ice may result from melt; & more ocean news. Read More »

One Moon One Ocean: Star Whales

New species of whale discovered on a moon of Jupiter. One World One Ocean announces new film and conservation campaign, Star Whales. Read More »

Blue Zoo: Sea Spiders

Sea spiders form a taxonomic class called pycnogonida and can be found in all oceans and most marine habitats. Most species are very small. Read More »

What’s Current This Week: Vol. 5

A curation of everything wonderful I picked up while surfing the web. Read More »

Earth Day Takeover

The ocean is taking over Earth Day on April 22nd, and it needs your help: send us a photo of what the ocean means to you. Read More »

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