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My Favorite Dives Around Hilo

From turtles to manta rays, young dive master Rebecca Ziegler shares her top dive experiences around Hilo, Hawaii. Read More »

Blue Zoo: Planarian Flatworm

Many flatworms are parasites but some species are free-living and beautiful. Plus, they're hermaphrodites and can regenerate body parts! Read More »

Dolphins Call Each Other By Name

Dolphins identify themselves with a signature whistle. Scientists have discovered that they also copy other's signatures to call each other. Read More »

What’s cute and fuzzy and white all over?

Hint: It’s the world’s largest four-legged carnivore and a marine mammal whose scientific name means “sea bear.” Read More »

The School: Polar Bear Update

Science moves quickly – in just a year, scientists found new DNA evidence that polar bears are a much older species than previously thought. Read More »

Sylvia Earle’s Fight to Save Aquarius

The legendary oceanographer and OWOO science adviser fighting to save Aquarius Reef Base, featured on NIghtline. Read More »

The Weekly Dive Vol. 58

Raja Ampat declared sanctuary for sharks and mantas; one-third of seafood mislabeled nationwide; dolphins mimic calls of companions; & more. Read More »

What’s Current This Week: Vol. 3

A curation of everything wonderful I picked up while surfing the web. Read More »

Blue Zoo: Skates and Rays

Skates and rays (relatives of sharks) have many features in common, but also differences: skates lay eggs and rays give birth to live young. Read More »

The Reel: Atlantic Tuna

This great video with amazing bluefin tuna footage highlights efforts to save the most endangered tuna population in the world. Read More »

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