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Infographic: Curious World of the Humpback Whale

Humpback whales are among the most awe-inspiring of all marine mammals. Nearly driven to extinction 50 years ago, humpbacks today are back. Read More »

Infographic: Humpback Whales Around the World

Humpback whales are found in all the world's oceans and in both the Northern and Southern hemispheres. Read More »

Infographic: The Humpback

Humpback whales live in the open ocean with the help of some key features. Read More »

Infectious Curiosity

Parasite research leaves Sarah, a grad student in the Netherlands, wondering how native mussels of the Wadden Sea are affected by an invader Read More »

This Canadian Goose is Ready to Fly South

Back in the lab, Melissa continues her adventures across Canada as she pursues her degree in Marine Biology. Read More »

The Weekly Dive Vol. 79

Ocean Gliders, Ocean Gas, Rockets, Spooky Fish and more! Check out The Weekly Dive for your ocean news! Read More »

Mud and Guts

Sarah has yucky fun times while researching the hardly-pronounceable parasite “Mytilicola orientalis” and traveling Europe. Read More »

Moose Spaghetti, Surprise Rock Climbing, and Other Summer Adventures

Melissa explores more of her surroundings in Canada as she continues her Masters education in Marine Bio. Read More »

Island Invasion

Sarah enjoys summer between two Dutch seas while researching invasive species. Read More »

Get Schooled on Sharks (and Rays) - Journey to the South Pacific Edition

The South Pacific is home to some interesting sharks and the giant manta. Get schooled on sharks & rays in this edition of 10 Facts to know. Read More »

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