The Water Column

22 Sea Animals of West Papua

We gathered all of the great sea animal shots from IMAX and MacGillivray Freeman's "Journey to the South Pacific" and posted them here... Read More »

Dear Winter: It’s Not You, It’s Me

Melissa continues her graduate studies both in the lab and in the field, while pursuing her Masters in Marine Bio. Read More »

Reeling in Results

Between finishing her experiment and running statistical analyses, Sarah explores the Netherlands and visits Germany. Read More »

The Weekly Dive Vol 76

Fracking, #whaling, manatees, warships, and narwhals all in this episode of the Weekly Dive! Read More »

One Fish, Two Fish

Grad Student Melissa learns how to count invisible fish for her Masters in Science Degree in cold, cold Canada. Read More »

Misool Eco Resort: An Ecological, Sustainable Paradise

MER is an example of sustainable eco-tourism and is featured in our new IMAX film, Journey to the South Pacific. Read More »

Lab Labor

Sarah continues her studies in the Netherlands, experimenting with temperature on mudflat diatoms. Read More »

The World’s Coolest Floating Classroom

The Kalabia teaches lessons to island children throughout the Bird's Head Seascape, as seen in Journey to the South Pacific. Read More »

Last Stand of the Leatherback Sea Turtle

MacGillivray Freeman crew hikes in hot, humid temperatures, crosses gator-ridden rivers, and suffers through very little sleep on Wermon. Read More »

Journey to the South Pacific - Behind the Scenes Featuring Cate Blanchett

Go behind the scenes of our new IMAX film and discover the lush tropical islands of West Papua. Read More »

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