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The Weekly Dive Vol. 2

Welcome to the latest edition of the Weekly Dive, where we keep you updated on the top ocean news from around the world with some fun stuff mixed in as well. Dive in! Read More »

Join OWOO on a Journey to Cocos Island…

This week, the OWOO crew hopped a flight to Costa Rica where will will be reporting live from Cocos Island, one of few areas of the ocean that enjoys official protection given its incredible beauty and biodiversity (e.g., SHARKS). Not only will we be bringing you live expedition updates, including amazing photos and video, but we'll also be sharing ways in which you can help grow the movement to establish marine protected areas (MPAs) around the world, and in effect, help save the ocean. Read More »

A Whirlwind Week with Sylvia Earle

We’ve always wondered what it would be like to spend a week in the shoes of our hero and OWOO science adviser Dr. Sylvia Earle. We got our chance last week when we filmed the first-ever meeting of OceanElders in San Francisco, followed a few days later by an exclusive interview with “Her Deepness” at the America’s Cup in San Diego. Read More »

Introducing the First-Ever “Weekly Dive”

Today, we are excited to bring you the first installment of The Weekly Dive – your one-stop shop for the top ocean news (in our opinion) from the week. In addition to must-read ocean news, we’ll also be sharing one user-generated video a week as our way of celebrating all the great ocean content being captured by ocean enthusiasts around the world – people like YOU who are out there in the trenches. Read More »

Live from the White Carpet

Joining partners Coca-Cola and the World Wildlife Fund at the California Science Center in Los Angeles, OWOO helped celebrate the launch of Arctic Home, a bold new effort to help protect polar bear habitats in the Arctic Circle. Read More »

There’s No Place Like Home – Even If You’re A Polar Bear

Starting next week, you are likely to see polar bears popping up everywhere—on TV, in movie theatres, at the grocery store, on your phone, on the web—all thanks to a new initiative launched this week by Coca-Cola and World Wildlife Fund in partnership with One World One Ocean and our upcoming IMAX film To The Arctic 3D--a co-production with Warner Bros. and IMAX Corporation scheduled for release in IMAX theatres in 2012. Read More »

A Perfect Place to Start—Your Own Backyard

The One World One Ocean team spent a lovely, foggy morning at Main Beach in Laguna Beach, joining forces with the Ocean Conservancy and the Boys & Girls Club to clean up our backyard. Watch our video to hear from our amazing kid volunteers about what they found and why protecting the beach is important to them! Read More »

Take a walk on the beach with OWOO on Saturday Oct. 16! (Disclaimer: Picking up trash is required)

Join One World One Ocean along with The Ocean Conservancy and the Boys & Girl Club on Saturday, October 16 for a beach clean-up in Laguna Beach. Event kicks off at 10 AM PST at Main Beach! Read More »

Why launch an ocean campaign?

As a filmmaker, I travel all over the world to shoot movies and I’ve been blown away by the beauty, power and importance of the natural world, especially the ocean — our lifeline. Read More »

Your Chance to Go On Location with One World One Ocean

Ever dream of going behind-the-scenes with an IMAX film crew? Maybe to an exotic location? How about on a boat?Well, One World One Ocean is making that dream a reality.This week, we’re thrilled to announce our Ocean Expedition Contest. Read More »

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