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We relaunched our website to provide you with great content that showcases the beauty and majesty of our oceans, and powerful new tools to help you get involved in saving our oceans, starting today. Read More »

Close Encounters

While on location in Churchill, Canada, the MacGillivray Freeman team had the chance to get up close with these beautiful bears while ... Read More »

Sea Ice: Public Transportation, Arctic Style

MacGillivray Freeman crews got wonderful footage by mounting IMAX cameras to the back of Inuit sleds. Read More »

Disappearing Sea Ice

Rapidly deteriorating sea ice is forcing polar bears to swim farther than in past years, sometimes hundreds of miles, looking for ice. Read More »

Super-Cooled High Pressure Diving

Cameramen Adam Ravetch and Bob Cranston dove 50 feet below the Arctic bay ice in dry suits to film parts of To The Arctic. Read More »

Maintaining a Safe Focal Length

The bears did not seem to feel threatened by the smaller inflatable boats used by MacGillivray Freeman crews, so they were able to get ... Read More »

Field Report: The Inside Scoop on the Inside Passage

We're sitting in a cove off Chatham Strait, a tributary of Alaska's inside passage, surrounded by steep hills covered in green conifers... Read More »

Field Report: Portrait of a Polar Bear Family

From July 19 to August 9, 2010, our team traveled the seas around the Arctic archipelago of Svalbard, Norway, in a small ice-breaker... Read More »

Field Report: Diving With The World’s Largest Cuttlefish

With wind waves crashing against the rocks, the water surged and heaved, making it impossible to hold a motion picture camera steady. Read More »

Field Report: In the Company of Dragons

Michele and I swim through murky water toward tiny explosions of light firing from a flashing strobe. Read More »

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