The Water Column

Close Encounters

While on location in Churchill, Canada, the MacGillivray Freeman team had the chance to get up close with these beautiful bears while ... Read More »

Sea Ice: Public Transportation, Arctic Style

MacGillivray Freeman crews got wonderful footage by mounting IMAX cameras to the back of Inuit sleds. Read More »

Disappearing Sea Ice

Rapidly deteriorating sea ice is forcing polar bears to swim farther than in past years, sometimes hundreds of miles, looking for ice. Read More »

Super-Cooled High Pressure Diving

Cameramen Adam Ravetch and Bob Cranston dove 50 feet below the Arctic bay ice in dry suits to film parts of To The Arctic. Read More »

Maintaining a Safe Focal Length

The bears did not seem to feel threatened by the smaller inflatable boats used by MacGillivray Freeman crews, so they were able to get ... Read More »

Field Report: The Inside Scoop on the Inside Passage

We're sitting in a cove off Chatham Strait, a tributary of Alaska's inside passage, surrounded by steep hills covered in green conifers... Read More »

Field Report: Portrait of a Polar Bear Family

From July 19 to August 9, 2010, our team traveled the seas around the Arctic archipelago of Svalbard, Norway, in a small ice-breaker... Read More »

Field Report: Diving With The World’s Largest Cuttlefish

With wind waves crashing against the rocks, the water surged and heaved, making it impossible to hold a motion picture camera steady. Read More »

Field Report: In the Company of Dragons

Michele and I swim through murky water toward tiny explosions of light firing from a flashing strobe. Read More »

Field Report: The Most Beautiful Sea Lions In the World

I have traveled to South Australia seven times during the last forty years and on only two of those occasions have I seen good conditions. Read More »

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