4th of July: Keep it Clean!

The 4th of July is here and it's time to hit the beach! With lots of people, comes lots of trash. Check out our top tips below for how to keep the beaches clean this Independence Day and leave the beach more beautiful than you found it!


Top Tips for a Clean Beach: 


1) Plan ahead: bring a trash bag(s) with you.

Lots of beachgoers mean lots of trash! With extra people flocking to the sand, the regular trash cans tend to get a little crowded. Instead of tossing your trash on top of the pile, or next to it - where it could blow away and into the ocean - bring your own trash bag and throw out your trash at home or in a public dumpster! You might even make friends who ask if they can borrow a bag!

 Green Legacy Biodegradable Trash Bags // $10.43

2) Need a straw? Try a useable one.

We know a straw is necessary to lounge while you sip, but skip the plastic and try a reusable straw made from metal, bamboo, or silicone. We're obsessed with these rubber-tipped metal straws from Klean Kanteen! 

 Klean Kanteen Stainless Steel Straw with Silicone Flex Tip // $9.99


3) Stay cool with an insulated thermos. 

Ditch the plastic water bottles and keep your drink cold all day long with an insulated thermos! We love this seafoam green Rambler from YETI

 YETI Rambler 30 oz. Steel Vacuum InsulatedTumbler // $34.99

4) Fill up the party cup!

Goodbye college style solo cups, hello pretty copper party cup! Plastic isn't so fantastic, try these metal party cups instead. Cheers!

 The Copper Party Cup // $14.40


5) Leave the beach cleaner than you found it!

Take a look around before you head home and pick up any trash around you - even if it's not your own. This includes, (cooled-off) sparklers and fireworks.  A clean beach means a clean ocean! 

As always, remember not to bring glass onto the beach. Ouch!

Tag us in your photos of beach activities on the 4th by tagging @1world1ocean on Instagram! 

Happy 4th! 

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