A Perfect Place to Start—Your Own Backyard

It wasn’t our imagination. Laguna Beach looked more beautiful than usual last Saturday afternoon.

That’s what happens when you remove nearly 250 lbs. of trash from the beach in less than two hours!

The One World One Ocean team spent a lovely, foggy morning at Main Beach in Laguna Beach, joining forces with the Ocean Conservancy and the Boys & Girls Club to clean up our backyard. We also had the opportunity to hear from Chad Nelson, environmental director of Surfrider and Greg Helms, Manager of Pacific Conservation at Ocean Conservancy about the impact of pollution in our oceans and ongoing efforts, like beach clean-ups, aimed at reducing waste.

If you want to see productivity, provide a group of kids with trash “picker-uppers” (we’re not sure what they’re actually called) and set them loose!

The most prevalent trash item found? Cigarette butts… YUCK!

Rather than reading our recap of the day, watch this video and hear from the kids themselves!

What we hope you take away from the video is that there’s no better place to start helping protect the ocean than right in your very own backyard.

And you don’t need to live near a beach to make a positive impact.

Picking up ANY trash ANYWHERE and recycling keeps harmful substances from entering the ocean.

So mobilize through Facebook, create a Meet-up group, or hey, take the old-fashioned (yet effective) route of organizing offline by talking to friends. You can also check out our Get Involved page where we provide you with a  beach clean-up email invite template to send to friends and family!

Just avoid posting paper fliers for the obvious reason…


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