A Whirlwind Week with Sylvia Earle

We’ve always wondered what it would be like to spend a week in the shoes of our hero and OWOO science adviser Dr. Sylvia Earle.

Well, we got our chance last week when we filmed the first-ever meeting of OceanElders in San Francisco, followed a few days later by an exclusive interview with “Her Deepness” at the America’s Cup in San Diego.

All we can say is that we don’t know how she does it – but we’re lucky that she does. 

If you haven’t yet heard of OceanElders, well, get ready. Launched back in August, OceanElders is an independent group of global leaders that aims to use its networks and influence to put ocean conservation at the forefront of the global agenda.

We’re talking about some of the most influential leaders of our time in their relevant fields. Taking the lead from a science and conservation perspective is none other than Dr. Sylvia Earle. Joining Earle as fellow Ocean Elders are Sir Richard Branson, Ted Turner, HM Queen Noor, Jackson Browne, Dr. Rita Colwell, Jean-Michel Cousteau, Graeme Kelleher, Sven Lindblad, Captain Don Walsh and Neil Young.

Last week, OceanElders descended upon San Francisco to convene its inaugural meeting. The goal of the meeting? To identify the key ocean issues on which OceanElders will focus its  efforts and map out a framework for moving forward and making an impact.

Sir Richard Branson, founding Ocean Elder and Chairman, Virgin Group

While the meeting was closed to the public (this time around), we were fortunate to get a behind-the-scenes look at OceanElders in action. Plus, we got to film the meeting, so stay tuned for awesome video content.

While we can’t go into detail about the meeting, we can say that even the breaks were chock full of inspiring ocean content. Hearing Jean-Michel Cousteau and Sylvia Earle swap stories – a  dream come true.

So join the OceanElders community on its website and stay tuned for a video wrap-up of the meeting.

Flash forward two days later when we found ourselves behind the lens once again, filming the one and only Dr. Sylvia Earle. This time, the venue was the America’s Cup races in San Diego where we were lucky enough to have an hour and half with Her Deepness in an OWOO exclusive interview.

Her Deepness Preparing for Her Close-up

The working title of this interview – OWOO Gets Real with Sylvia Earle. We’re in the process of editing the footage as we speak, but to give you a sense of what’s to come, here are a couple of things we covered:

  • Sylvia Earle’s most memorable dive
  • A message from Sylvia Earle to young explorers
  • What scares Her Deepness (hint: you won’t find it in the ocean)

While we wish the interview could have gone on all day, our collective reason for being down at the America’s Cup event was to celebrate the launch of the organization’s Healthy Ocean Project, with which we’re proud to be partnering. OWOO joins an amazing crew of fellow partners, including Earle’s Mission Blue, OceanElders, IUCN, Sailors for the Sea and Aquarium of the Bay.

In addition to watching Friday’s race from the deck of the Midway aircraft carrier, OWOO leader Shaun MacGillivray had the opportunity to speak on a panel about the state of our ocean with Earle, America’s Cup representatives and other Healthy Ocean Project partners.

MFF Producer and OWOO Managing Director Shaun MacGillivray on America's Cup Healthy Ocean Project Panel

A great day and an exciting partnership.

All in all, it was a pretty amazing week for the One World One Ocean team. We’re taking our cues from Sylvia Earle as we swap out our luggage, dig up our passports and prepare this week for our expedition to Cocos Island. More on that trip shortly…

Onwards and upwards!


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