Top 5 Walrus Kisses of All Time!


Feeling a little bashful this Valentine’s Day?

Take a gander at the fish- guzzling, mustache-wearing, Ron Swansons of the sea.

Though they may seem burly and introverted, the walrus has proven to be one of the most affectionately photographed sea creatures.

After you scroll through these photos, you will think, “If he can do it, so can I.”


Here are the Top 5 Best Walrus Kisses of All Time!

This mama walrus and her lil' baby.


This walrus looking for a hunky man-atee. (Okay, okay, I know that's a beluga but I couldn't resist a good pun.)


This face full of walrus.


Too much? Here's another mama with her baby walrus.


And here it is, perhaps the most passionate walrus kiss of all time.


And now you’re done. Good for you! Look how you’ve inspired everyone!


Now go take over the world!

And be like...


And then you guys can be all cuddly, like this...

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