Fisheye: Spring Barrels Ahead

On the top half of the planet right now we’re seeing spring quickly emerge. Vibrant blossoms and greenery are beckoned forth by the rising temperatures and longer days. Imagine lying under a tree with vividly green leaves, and looking up to see the dappled gold and green sunlight that falls through. This might epitomize the return of light and warmth.

But in Laguna Beach, we don’t have much of a winter and what we’re seeing now instead is the arrival of classic beach weather. The water is still chilly for the wetsuit-free, but the sun’s rays can warm us up again. Here, the best way to catch a glimpse of some of that bright spring greenery is perhaps to slip below the ocean’s surface, where the dappled green and gold mix beautifully with blue.

Photo courtesy of Sean Hunter Brown.

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