Join OWOO on a Journey to Cocos Island…

The day after Thanksgiving is normally spent in a food haze, or if you’re really ambitious, out with the masses braving the Black Friday sales.

This year, OWOO partook in neither activity, opting instead to hop on a flight to Costa Rica to embark on a filming expedition in Cocos Island National Park.

Cocos Island National Park, located 360 miles east of Costa Rica, is one of few areas of the ocean that enjoys official protection, known for its incredible biodiversity, especially its large marine animals like rays, dolphins and, yes, SHARKS.  As many of you ocean enthusiasts know, marine protected areas (MPAs) are critical to helping protect our ocean from destructive activities like overfishing and pollution that threaten the planet’s very livelihood.

We can’t tell you how excited we are about this expedition.

The goal of the trip? Capture as much content as possible to bring to life the amazing story that is Cocos Island National Park with a broader goal of showcasing the critical need for marine protected areas globally.


As part of this, one of the major themes we will be exploring is the expanding role submarines play in ocean conservation – in both helping us better understand the ocean from a scientific perspective and for telling the story of the deep sea from a filmmaking perspective.

This expedition marks the first time we’ll be using a sub as part of our filming, so we view this as a test run!

To help us do this, we’re joining forces with the Costa Rica-based Undersea Hunter Group, one of the world’s preeminent adventure dive operators, which will be providing their DeepSee submersible and her mothership Argo. Making two dives a day to depths of up to 1,800 feet, the DeepSea sub will no doubt provide us with some amazing content – and anecdotes.

While we’re bummed that you can’t join us in person in Cocos, we’re going to do the next best thing and take you there virtually.



This week, continue to check our blog, Facebook and Twitter for real-time coverage of the trip in the form of first-person accounts from the OWOO team and MFF film crew, as well as photos and videos of native marine life, submarine dives and more.


We’ll be joined by renowned filmmakers Howard and Michelle Hall and ichthyologist Dr. Richard Pyle, who will be contributing some amazing content as well.

In joining us on this journey, we hope you’ll feel empowered to share the story of Cocos Island with your networks and use your voice to make the case for more MPAs. On our end, we promise to provide you with killer content and additional ways to get involved in the movement to establish MPAs. To get you excited for our next update, take a look at our OWOO trailer for a glimpse into what these expeditions are all about. 

Bon voyage…




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