National Parks Centennial

With the centennial of the National Park Service (NPS) approaching us, we wanted to reflect on efforts the parks put forth in protecting and preserving oceans and lakes.

The NPS protects 88 ocean and coastal parks. They help protect delicate coral reefs, kelp forests, beaches, tidewater glaciers, islands and much more.

Each year, NPS works to adopt strategies to deal with threats to natural and cultural resources by increasing the agency’s organizational and scientific capacity to address ocean and coastal issues.

One helpful way NPS puts this into action is through the National Park Service Organic Act. This Act requires people to conserve park resources and values by working to protect and restore wildlife, ecosystems and more.

Lastly, the NPS makes it easy for all of you to participate in helping protect the oceans too. By locating a ocean and coastal park near you, you can visit parks and learn from ranger-led programs that teach you about the animals and plants that live in the sea.

Furthermore, they offer vast volunteering opportunities so there’s no reason to not get involved!

Please enjoy our water-ful video of water parks then make a note to visit one of these great watermarks (and landmarks) for yourselves!

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