OWOO Staff Christmas Wishes

Kimmy Helling, Social Media and Communications

I can tell you right now I want pink and yellow scuba gear.

Meghan MacGillivray, Outreach Manager

I want a Go Pro Hero 3 Camera – so I can take it traveling and shoot amazing videos underwater and while mountain biking. Plus I kind of feel like I’m the only one in my family without one.

Sarah Wilson, Director of Education and Outreach

I want a few days of snorkel time in warm clear water with a healthy coral reef ...along with my favorite mask, fins, and snorkel I would be in total bliss! To play in the cooler waters here at home in southern California I would be stoked to have this amazing stand up paddle board Anthropologie made partnering with Saffron James!

Myles O’Grady, Content Producer, Editor, Motion Graphic Designer

I want the Aqua Lung Pro LT BCD (buoyancy control device) to help me stay a float during scuba dives.

Patty Collins, Senior Director, Partnerships and Development

I want new running shoes, to sleep in past 7 am, and for my family to stay happy and healthy!

Marc Ostrick, Director of Digital Production

I would love a beginner’s stand up paddle board, a 2 mil wetsuit for diving in Indonesia, and more time to go scuba diving.

Molly Malloy, Marketing and Business Development Manager

I want this fishes wall decal by design studio Labyrinth Barcelona so I can feel like I live in a submarine...every single day. My studio apartment is so small that it's not a far-fetched idea.

Ted Reckas, Online Editor

I want a Patagonia wetsuit with their new plant-based neoprene because it’s better for the planet, and their suits are super warm and their return/repair policy is awesome.

Sarah Bedolfe, Marine Research Coordinator

I want to take the course to get certified as a Rescue Diver. Continuing my SCUBA training will help me further my exploration and understanding of the underwater world!







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