Photographer Florian Schulz Kicks Off To The Arctic Book Tour

It’s an exciting week here at One World One Ocean as we count down the final days until the commercial release of our first IMAX film presentation To The Arctic 3D this Friday, April 20.

Helping us launch the film with a bang is award-winning wildlife photographer Florian Schulz, who today kicks off a 14-city tour for the official To The Arctic 3D film companion book.

Schulz spent more than 15 months in the Arctic over the course of six years, traveling with the MacGillivray Freeman film crew on various occasions, to capture the stunning images for this large-format photography book. Schulz’s images poignantly showcase the magnificent pageant of wildlife that calls the Arctic home, including caribou, seals, musk oxen, walruses and snowy owls. And like the film, Schulz’s book includes some of the most extraordinary images ever captured in the wild of a mother polar bear and her cubs—the true heroes of To The Arctic 3D.

Watch as wildlife photographer Florian Schulz captures the money shot that became the cover image of the To The Arctic 3D film companion book.

To learn more and purchase the official film companion book of OWOO’s new IMAX documentary To The Arctic 3D, visit


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