Richard Pyle Blogs for OWOO on New York Times

Last month, the OWOO crew completed an incredible 10 day-trip to Cocos Island National Park off the coast of Costa Rica, where we brought you some amazing real-time photos and video (with more to come!).

From the stunning underwater discoveries generated on the Cocos expedition came a seven-part blog series penned by ichthyologist and OWOO science advisor Dr. Richard Pyle, aka “The Fish Nerd,” for The New York Times Green blog.

In reading the series, you have the rare opportunity to see the Cocos Island expedition through the eyes of a scientist, diving deep into the theme of biodiversity documentation and its critical importance to the oceans, and all of us. Inspiring, compelling and eye-opening, all six written blog posts can be read here on The New York Times website.

You can watch the seventh blog post right here in a video epilogue produced by the OWOO team, which features an incredible interview with Pyle aboard the Argo in Cocos, sub dive footage and beautiful photography courtesy of Avi Klapfer and Schmulik Blum, of the Undersea Hunter Group. Enjoy the series and stay tuned for more beautiful Cocos content.



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