Sylvia Earle’s Fight to Save Aquarius

Sylvia Earle is one of the world's most accomplished ocean explorers, and science adviser to this campaign. Aquarius Reef Base, a one-of-a-kind undersea research base -- a veritable space ship for the underwater world. So when the two were the subject of a Nightline report, we were excited to say the least. We spent a few weeks at Aquarius last summer to raise awareness of this critically important brain trust as it faced closure due to budget cuts. Audiences around the world were captivated by the story, and Aquarius and ocean exploration were vaulted into popular consciousness. Not long after, new leadership took over, ensuring the undersea lab would stay open. We're happy to be part of an important effort, but more than anything, we're excited to see how the ocean explorers of Aquarius expand human knowledge in the years to come.


Watch the Nightline feature story here:

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