The Weekly Dive Vol. 14

Dive into the latest edition of The Weekly Dive, where we bring you the big ocean news!

Ocean acidification hits 300M year high. While ocean acidification has happened in the past, the current rate is like nothing scientists have seen in 300 million years. This poses a particular threat to marine species that make shells. [The New York Times] 

Giant penguin lived 25M years ago. The fossil of an extinct penguin from New Zealand, which stood over four feet tall, sheds new light on penguin diversity and paleontology. [Science Daily] 

Mediterranean MPAs: All Or Nothing. A study shows large areas of the Mediterranean sea are overfished and barren, and moderately protected areas that allow some fishing have not fared much better. The only areas that remain healthy are well-enforced no-take marine reserves. [The New York Times, FIS]  

A rising tide only lifts some boats. A study of Southern California beach towns shows rising sea levels will cause some to lose beach-associated revenue and others to gain. Laguna Beach, home to OWOO offices, may lose $15M while Newport and Huntington Beaches could gain $13M and $16M respectively. [Science Daily] 

Japanese Tsunami debris arriving on US shores. The tsunami from Japan generated 20-25million tons of debris and while experts predicted some of it would hit Hawaii as early as 2013, a few pieces have already arrived on the West Coast. [Time] 

Scientists map zones to save leatherback sea turtles. Through satellite tagging researchers have identified high traffic areas for the long migrations of this critically endangered animal, where conservation efforts should be focused to maximize their preservation. [Science Daily] 

Get inspired by Derek Rabelo - a blind Brazilian surfer who recently took on Pipeline. 


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