The OWOO Crew: Kristina Gonzales

The OWOO Crew is a blog series that introduces you to the people behind all the videos, blog posts, photos and tweets aimed at changing the way the world sees the ocean: the One World One Ocean crew.

The ocean-themed art prints on the wall – Steve Zissou by Tim Doyle, a fire-breathing nautilus – and the designer toys, among them a purple robotic crab, should be a hint: Kristina Gonzales is an artist and loves ocean critters. As designer and developer, she performs a wide range of tasks for the campaign.  Her skills as a self-taught coder have been heavily put to use on the campaign website, but more than that, she’s a creator. As a graduate from Laguna College of Art and Design, she does everything from designing animated characters with the Digital Media Team, to creating page layouts, posters, video graphics, logos; her talents as a graphic designer and illustrator are apparent. In her own words, “I run up and down stairs all day” – in reference to her great efforts to collaborate with various departments throughout our multi-leveled office. When she is at her work station, she can be found jamming away to anything from Arvo Part to Deadmau5. Below is a bit more...


The art ninja at right is responsible for this oceanic octopus drawing.




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