The OWOO Crew: Ted Reckas

The OWOO Crew is a new blog series that introduces you to the people behind all the videos, blog posts, photos and tweets aimed at changing the way the world sees the ocean: the One World One Ocean crew.

To kick off this blog series, we’d like to introduce you to someone whose work you are already familiar with from visiting this website. As Online Editor for One World One Ocean, Ted has a hand in everything that touches our site, from content to design to implementation to campaign planning to partner and contributor relationships. Between editing the blog, coordinating the development of infographics, and launching the online store, among other tasks, the new father still finds time occasionally to show the rest of the team photos of his adorable son, Cedar.

He is an avid surfer as well as a photographer, and we couldn’t help but notice that he also has a real knack for modeling. Without further ado, this is Ted:

Photo: Geoff Glenn

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