The Reel: Krill

The week’s most striking, funny, amazing, poignant, beautiful or unusual ocean video.


We tend to get focused on what a scientist friend called “charismatic megafauna,” the big, beautiful and/or cute animals we fall in love with: whales, polar bears, dolphins, huge sea turtles, etc. Makes sense. Who wouldn't want to swim with sea turtles? Who doesn't get blown away by photos like this? But here’s a reminder why the little things are important. (If you've read The Tipping Point, you're faimiliar with the idea of tiny thigns making huge changes.) We talk about it on the MicrobeBlog a bit; in the ocean, the little things may be the most important.


Krill are one of those important little things, tiny shrimp-like animals that live near the base of the marine food web. Almost everything bigger than them depends on them: fish, seals, sharks, whales, you name it. Here is a vibrantly animated video that breaks it down.


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