The Weekly Dive Vol. 44

Dive into the latest edition of The Weekly Dive, where we bring you the big ocean news!

Deal to protect Antarctic seas fails. The Commission for the Conservation of Antarctic Marine Living Resources ended their session having been unable to reach agreement. The decision has been deferred to July 2013. [The BBC]

In wake of Sandy, US largely unprepared for increased flood risk. Many experts say that flood risk will increase due to climate change and that the government has underestimated that risk and should do more to minimize it. [The Washington Post]

Group of polar bears found living on large iceberg. Previously unknown, a high density of polar bears has been found living on the Peterman Iceberg in Baffin Bay. They were thought to follow retreating ice to land in summer, but there are more icebergs in the area now and they may provide a safer environment. [The BBC]

BC Supreme Court Justice: increase wild salmon protections, tighten rules on salmon farms. The report, written as a response to the decline and subsequent collapse of the Fraser River sockeye salmon run, recommended strong efforts to protect and restore salmon populations and expressed great concern about the negative impacts of salmon farms. [The Huffington Post]

Shell’s Alaska drilling season falls short. Though Shell set out to drill six wells during the short Arctic summer, they are wrapping up the open-water season after completing just the top portions of two wells. [The Washington Post]  

World's largest offshore wind farm begins producing electricity. The London Array is still in the first phase of development, but with the first 15 turbines has already started generating electricity for the UK power grid. [Treehugger] 

EU's largest marine protected area proposed in Scotland. The Scottish government has proposed to create a package of “Special Areas of Conservation,” including a 15,694 km sq (9752 mi sq) area at Hatton Bank, off the west coast. [The Scottish Government]

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