The Weekly Dive Vol. 57

Dive into the latest edition of The Weekly Dive, where we bring you the big ocean news!

Scientists: plastics should be labeled hazardous material. In response to mounting evidence that plastics are harmful to humans and the environment, and difficult or expensive to remove, this proposal would change systems for cleaning up plastic waste, reducing how much enters the environment, as well as encouraging use of safer substances. [The Los Angeles Times]

US shark attacks jumped in 2012; 7 fatalities worldwide. While worldwide figures were about average at 80 unprovoked attacks – seven of those fatal – the US had 53. While this was the the highest number since 2000, none of the US attacks were fatal. [Science Daily] 

Arctic sea ice has dropped 80% since 1980. New satellite data are showing predictions were accurate. Within the last decade, summer sea ice volume has dropped by one third, and the summer minimum is now one fifth of what it was in 1980. [Science Daily]  

Proposed home buyouts would return Sandy flood zone to natural state. New York Governor Cuomo is seeking approval to purchase homes wrecked by Hurricane Sandy, in order to have them demolished and preserve the vulnerable land as undeveloped coastline. [The New York Times] 

Famous submersible Alvin to resume diving after upgrade. Alvin was the sub used during the first discovery of deep sea hydrothermal vents. She was temporarily retired for a refit that will boost her capabilities, and is nearly ready to return to work after trials this spring. [BBC]  

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