The Weekly Dive Vol 74


Study Suggests Arctic Thaw is Cause for Crazy Weather in the U.S. and Europe. Climate change is a real thing, people – and global warming, specifically in the Arctic might have something to do with the wacky weather we’ve been experiencing here in the U.S.A.

Honeymooners Left Stranded by Mischievous Seal. A large seal commandeered a dingy, and left honeymooners stranded! The British couple was on an island three miles from their mainland, conducting a study on seals, when the study turned on them and a large, male, bull set up camp in their ride. Oh, the irony!

Hawaii and Australia Consider Killing Sharks to Prevent Shark Attacks. Shark killing, or “culling”, in order to prevent future shark attacks is one of the strangest things we’ve heard all day. It’s like saying, “Let’s just go kill a bunch of random people on the street, so we can lower the possibility of 1 or 2 of them assaulting someone else.” Wait, what? Anyone else okay with this? We didn’t think so.

Seahorse Heads are Designed for the Hunt. Turns out seahorses are the new most-lethal predators of the deep blue sea. A study done by scientists at the University of Texas, Austin found that the shape of a seahorses head allows them to accurately catch prey when they least expect it. 90% success rate is nothing to scoff at – tiny crustaceans, beware!

Canada Vies for the Arctic – Russia and Denmark in Hot Pursuit! Leave it to us humans to try and capitalize off of climate change. Canada is lobbying for sovereignty over the North Pole, since global-warming has opened up channels for easier mineral exploitation [i.e. Oil] in the otherwise icy archipelago. But, considering its geographic positioning, the fight isn’t going to come easy. Surrounding countries, such as Russia, Denmark, and even the US are laying claims on the region.  Tune in next Summer 2014 to find out who will win Pole position in the Arctic.

Arctic Neighbors Agree to Protect the Polar Bears. In other news, while some citizen leaders of Arctic nations are fighting to conquer the North Pole, others are agreeing to protect it, or at least its endangered inhabitants – the polar bear. Leaders from the US, Canada, Russia, and Denmark amongst others, met at the International Polar Bear Forum and came to a mutual undertaking of responsibility for the Polar Bears. Now that they’ve all agreed, let’s cross our fingers for more action to come!


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