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This Year, Plastic Bags are on the Decline in more U.S. Cities. – Some great news for the Ocean and its inhabitants – plastic bags have been banned in two major U.S. locations this past week: the City of Los Angeles and the great, State of Hawaii! In the past, Hawaiians have had to pay for plastic bags, but now, they will be completely absent in grocery stores, restaurants, and retailers. Great excuse for getting online and buying some cool, sustainable, shopping totes! Big WIN for everyone. [Huffington Post]

Sharks Join the Twitter-verse to Keep Beach-goers Informed of Their Whereabouts. – In an innovative attempt at keeping Australian beach guests away from potential shark attacks, an Aussie organization called Surf Life Saving Western Australia,  have created a Twitter account for tagged sharks in the area. When the shark gets close, it sends out a Tweet, alerting surfers and swimmers to steer clear. The Tweet’s contain location, breed, and time/date of sighting.  We’ll take a shark tweet over a shark culling any day! [Adweek]

Whale Counting in Hawaii Sounds like the Coolest Job Ever!  -- As roughly 10,000 Humpback whales migrate to the warmer waters of Hawaii this season, the NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association) is accepting volunteers to count whales in order to help with research. While this may sound like a tedious task, previous reports show that volunteers were kept very busy - spotting at least 13 whales every 15 minutes! [Huffington Post]

For the U.S., Fukushima  Disaster not as Bad as We Thought. . . We Think. -- There has been a lot of uncertainty and concern recently, regarding the devastating, 2011 earthquake in Fukushima and its effects on the Pacific Ocean, specifically the California coast. Youtube videos, zealous articles, and ambiguous news abounds regarding the issue, but after some research most will find that as of now, the west coast doesn’t have much to worry about. This article in particular breaks down the issue in a more easy to understand way. Basically, the water is safe to swim; and if you are concerned about ingesting any radioactive seafood – shop local! []

Super-storm, “Hercules”, Effects European Surf. --  While we comfortably sit outside here in Southern California, it has been rough to watch the news on the “Hercules” super-storm and ‘Polar Vortex’, as it wreaks havoc over the rest of the U.S. However, the storm brings good news for surfers on the East and European coasts, with record waves measuring up to 60 ft. Our weather might be better, but their surf trumps ours these days! Always a silver lining. [SurfEurope]

Bluefin Tuna Prices [Surprisingly] Dip, as Overfishing Soars. -- So, the Japanese are buying and consuming Bluefin Tuna like it’s going out of style. And, according to environmentalist’s – it is! Bluefin have been overfished for the past 15 years. However, Japan still consumes 80% of all the Bluefin caught worldwide; and this weekend sushi restaurateur, Kiyoshi Kimura, dropped about $70,000 on a 507lb. tuna. Surprisingly, this is just a drop in the bucket compared to the $154.4 million he paid last year at auction. [Huffington Post]

All photos via Flickr, Creative Commons License:

Plastic Bag: Mike Krzeszak, Shark Photo: Crazy Creatures, Whales: Simon K. Ager, Fukushima: James Joel, Waves: Rich Bard, Sushi: InvernoDreaming

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