Trashing the Holidays

While ocean debris is gaining attention as a major world problem, not everyone knows how serious it is. Massive amounts of plastics find their way into the ocean every year, harming sea animals and likely ending up in our seafood, as our Plastics Breakdown infographic illustrates. People are taking action to use less plastic, and clean up our waterways, and progressive thinkers from artists to entrepreneurs are getting creative about upcycling plastic -- re-using waste materials for purposes or products of higher quality or value. This means not throwing things away, or throwing them in the recycle bin, but actually using them again.

To that end, our friends at Surfrider Foundation and Firewire Surfboards came up with a good idea: hold a contest for the best beach litter-themed holiday ornament and give the winner a brand new surfboard. I've already been scanning the beach for ornament materials...


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