Video of the 2012 Atlantic Hurricane Season in 4.5 minutes

This video of the 2012 Atlantic hurricane season from GOES satellites, sped up to 4.5 minutes, is amazing.

When slow-moving, massive things like clouds are sped up, the way the atmosphere moves becomes obvious, and it’s mesmerizing.

You see patterns like the rapid puffs of condensation from pieces of land sticking out in the ocean like Florida, the Yucatan and Cuba.

The consistent eastward stream across the top of the US and the Atlantic, sometimes slowing, sometimes turning on like a planetary fire hose of cloud accumulation.

The sweep of storm fronts drifting northeast-ward in perfect parallel with the East Coast of the US.

All of Mexico suddenly becoming covered in clouds at once.

Hurricane Leslie which sent so much surf to the East Coast, powerfully churning in place as it slowly drifted through the entire Eastern Seaboard’s swell window.

And then of course, the monstrous Sandy, appearing out of the Caribbean and swinging northward like a 2,000 mile wide wrecking ball.

Let’s all just appreciate weather for a minute. Or 4.5.


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