Wax On: Happy International Surfing Day!

International Surfing Day is a great opportunity to raise awareness of surfing, and more importantly, the reasons so many people love the ocean and want to protect it. Protect it from what? Overfishing, plastic trash, and ocean acidification, among many other issues.

But the positive side is this: we celebrate the ocean because of its astounding animals, beautiful places, and incredible waves that make us feel connected to the natural world and amazed by what it offers. There are a ton of people doing great things for the ocean. If we can highlight them, and spread the word about their efforts, we will have done something more than just going surfing.

Don’t get me wrong, I love riding waves. (If you stop and think about what surfing is—riding along at the edge of an energy wave traveling through the ocean, created by a storm often thousands of miles away, in its last seconds of life as it stands up and crashes on a beach—it’s a little ridiculous, totally miraculous, enough to make me laugh, and as transient and inspiring as passtimes get.)

But it’s about more than going surfing, it’s about having an ocean we can go surfing in. And kids can still go exploring in. And people can still go fishing in. And sea turtles can still lay eggs in. And polar bears can still survive in. And scientists can still make discoveries in.


Ps. going to work is always better after you’ve gone surfing (or hiking or biking or whatever you like to do outside).

Here’s a quick video that makes me want to go surfing.

For those of you who have your 3D glasses (well, you can watch it in 2D also), here’s a short video of Sam and I testing the new GoPro 3D system during a quick session before work. I hope your morning started off as well as ours!


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