Wax On: Off the Map, But On The Spot

The coolest thing in surfing this week.


Ok, this wasn’t this week, it was last year, but it keeps in line with our Arctic theme of late (well-Antarctic…well actually extreme Southern Chile, which is almost Antarctic). What Kepa Acero did is awesome, adventurous, and got me excited to get out. Of the office. Of my home town. Of familiar surroundings.

From my early beach memories finding a chunk of surf wax under a lifeguard tower and feeling like I had found buried treasure, to the euphoric feeling of riding your first wave at a new, exotic surf spot as an adult, that’s what being in the ocean, and surfing, is about: discovery. Here is a person who is on to that, and his short video is beautiful, not so much for the visuals as the simple sentiment of exploration.

Here is his website. Sorry to those of you who don’t speak Spanish, but his next trip, to Alaska, looks like it might be even better.



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