Wax On: Big + Best = Entertaining Surfing

The coolest thing in surfing this week.


There is something amazing, a bit perfect-stormish, happening in surfing right now, and it’s being webcast live from Tavaraua Island Fiji. The Volcom Fiji Pro surf contest is being held with the top 36 surfers in the world. Coinciding with that is a very big swell generated by a monster storm southwest of New Zealand, sending 20 foot waves straight at Cloudbreak, a reef half a mile off the island, in open ocean, that produces some of the biggest, most perfect waves anywhere on Earth. The waves were forecast to be so radical that a whole crew of big wave specialists have also flown in to be there for it, in case it gets so big the surf contest is called off. The last heat to hit the water saw Brazilian Raoni Monteiro ride some truly break-neck tubes before the ocean went from intense to insane, and the contest was called off. For the next few days there will be displays of nature, and man meeting it with courage and skill, not to be missed.

Watch the watery madness here.



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