The Weekly Dive Vol. 31

Dive into the latest edition of The Weekly Dive, where we bring you the big ocean news!

Extreme summer melting of Greenland ice sheet. Melting on the surface of the ice sheet jumped from the normal 40% on July 8 to 97% on July 12. Scientists say this unprecedented event is probably part of a natural cycle but it could facilitate understanding of the ice sheet’s overall shrinking. [The New York Times] 

EU Commission proposes to end bottom trawling. The European Commission proposal aims to stop bottom trawling and bottom gillnetting in the Northeast Atlantic, one of the most harmful activities deep sea, and now awaits passage by the EU fisheries ministers and the European Parliament.  [Pew Environment] 

Seabird study shows plastic pollution in Pacific Northwest on the rise. A study of the stomach contents of beached northern fulmars off the coasts of Oregon, Washington, and British Columbia shows plastic pollution levels are worse than expected. [EurekAlert] 

In Greenland, whale meat designated for traditional use is illegally sold to tourists. While Greenland is granted a whale-catching quota for indigenous subsistence, the commercial sale of whale meat directly violates a ban by the International Whaling Commission. [Care2] 

Mixed results after International Whaling Commission Meeting. Requests from Denmark and Japan for increased whaling quotas were rejected. However, a controversial proposal that bundled extensions for subsistence whaling in the US, Russia, and the Caribbean passed, and 21 nations blocked the implementation of a South Atlantic Whale Sanctuary. South Korea suggested it would start whaling for research, but may drop plans amid outcry. [The Huffington Post; The Los Angeles Times]

Mission Aquarius. We spent the week at Aquarius Reef Base, highlighting what could be the last mission to this one of a kind research and exploration station. Click here for in depth coverage of Mission Aquarius. 

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