The Weekly Dive Vol. 6

Dive into the latest edition of The Weekly Dive, where we bring you the big ocean news! This week we also present to you The Weekly Dive video update (see below). Don’t forget to check out our other Weekly Dive videos as well!

Best fishes in a new year! Protections for 132 Caribbean fish species have been finalized. The US Department of Commerce gave final approval for catch limits, which will go into effect on January 29, 2012. The new policy will help many depleted species recover, and prevent further overfishing of other species. [FIS]

Seafloor near Antarctica found to hold large communities of unknown species. Scientists made an exciting new discovery while using Remotely Operated Vehicles to explore the depths of the Southern Ocean. The hydrothermal vent communities there were found to harbor many never-before-seen organisms. [Science Daily]

Putting a price on bluefin tuna. A single bluefin tuna sold for a record-setting $740,000 in Tokyo. Demand for this fish remains high, especially in Japan, despite the fact that populations continue to decline as a result. [The Los Angeles Times]

Evolution in action: introducing the hybrid shark. This week, researchers in Australia documented hybrid sharks for the very first time – genetic tests show that the hybrid is a combination of the Australian blacktip and the common blacktip, two closely related species with slightly different ranges. The hybrid is fairly robust and there are multiple generations, and it tolerates colder water than its Australian parent species. [The Washington Post]

Legendary history of Titanic proportion goes up for auction. The entire collection of artifacts recovered from the famed ship Titanic, along with the physical ship’s hull on the seafloor, are together valued at $189 million. The highest bidder is expected to become a devoted steward of the treasures. [The Los Angeles Times]

A different kind of whale watching. These lucky divers got up close and personal with a gray whale calf who decided to swim by Shaw’s Cove, a dive site in Laguna Beach.

The Weekly Dive video edition is here! Stay tuned for more news updates and fun facts to come!


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