What’s cute and fuzzy and white all over?

Hint: It’s the world’s largest four-legged carnivore and a marine mammal whose scientific name means “sea bear.”

You guessed it – the polar bear!  In fact, this majestic creature is so beloved around the world that it has earned its very own holiday – today, February 27 – also known as International Polar Bear Day!

To celebrate our furry friends up North and raise awareness of the critical importance of the Arctic to the world’s oceans, we’re excited to announce One World One Ocean’s Arctic Education Campaign – a multimedia program we’re rolling out in advance of the April 20 premiere of our new IMAX® film To The Arctic, a co-production from Warner Bros. Pictures, MacGillivray Freeman Films and IMAX Corporation, presented by One World One Ocean.

To kick off the first phase of our campaign, we’ve launched a new Arctic web page where you’ll find new videos, photo galleries, downloadables, and more for adults and kids alike—all showcasing the majestic polar bear, its critical ocean habitat and why they need our help. Watch one of OWOO’s new polar bear educational videos below.

We hope you enjoy these images from the Arctic – a lifeline for the ocean, the planet and all of us – which is in need of more protection than ever before. Stay tuned for future announcements from our Arctic campaign, including new photos and videos and ways to help!

On behalf of the One World One Ocean team, Happy International Polar Bear Day!



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