What’s Current This Week: Vol. 3

Here’s the third installation of What’s Current, rounding up the best photos, videos and stories on social media this week.

If you have anything you would like to see featured on this blog, you can post it on our Facebook wall or tweet it at us and I’ll take a look! Last week we had some amazing submissions… stay tuned to see them in a blog of their own!

That being said, here’s what’s current on the internet this week:

First on our list is this incredible photo of a penguin on its way to the top.

Photo by Paul Nicklen for National Geographic.


These words of wisdom from George Washington that inspired us on President’s Day.

Photo courtesy of MacGillivray Freeman.

This adorable loggerhead sea turtle, who is destined to make it as far into the ocean as it did on the internet. 

Photo by Ben Hicks for National Geographic.


This photo from world-renowned photographers Howard and Michelle Hall, which was captured while they were diving with great white sharks in the brisk waters of South Australia.

"Indeed, she is awesome and majestically beautiful all at once."

(Read the full story behind the photo)

Photo by Howard and Michele Hall.


This incredible whale encounter we were lucky enough to experience.

Photo courtesy of MacGillivray Freeman.


In this video, you can watch a mother whale push her calf to the surface and introduce her to our boat while we were visiting the friendly gray whales of San Ignacio Lagoon.


This little guy popping in to say hello!

Photo via reddit.


This hitchhiking seagull who is catching a ride from his new friend.

Photo via reddit.


These really friendly sharks...

Photo via reddit.


And this horribly misunderstood kraken… 

Comic by Scott Maynard.


This motion reel from Morgan Maassen that features lovely ocean imagery, captured quirky moments, artful composition, and breezy music.


This surfing dog from Morgan Maassen’s new video (see above).

Photo by Morgan Maassen.


And last but not least, this petition from our friends at WWF, who are on a mission to help save the world's smallest porpoise. With fewer than 200 individuals left, the vaquita porpoise is on the brink of extinction.

Please consider signing this petition to ask Mexico’s new president, Enrique Peña Nieto, to take the necessary steps in order to protect the vaquita’s natural habitat.

Sign the petition here.

Photo by Thomas A. Jefferson.

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