The Greatest Refuge

One of the world’s most dynamic ecosystems, teeming with life, America’s Arctic exists entirely in northern Alaska above the Arctic Circle.

The Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR) is America’s greatest wilderness icon and should be protected for future generations.

Mother polar bears build dens there each year to give birth to their cubs. The Porcupine Caribou, a herd of 160,000, returns to the Coastal Plain each year to give birth to their calves. Birds we see in our own backyards, in all US states and across six continents, begin their lives in the Arctic Refuge before migrating to visit us, then returning there to start the cycle of life anew. ANWR also provides crucial wildlife habitat for grizzly bears, musk oxen, wolverines, Dall sheep, wolves and many other critters.

Gallery: America’s Arctic

Stunning images of America’s Arctic from Florian Schulz’s new book, To The Arctic.

The Arctic Ocean connects all life in the Arctic. Polar bears, belugas, narwhals, walrus, seals and other creatures like the Greenland shark and the endangered bowhead whale live and thrive in this marine landscape.

Alaskan natives have thrived here for thousands of years, living off the land and seas. It is one of the only places where people still maintain a subsistence lifestyle.

Keep the Arctic Wild

America’s Arctic is relatively intact, but development and climate change mean, it won’t remain wild unless we protect it. Please help keep the incredible natural resources of the Arctic—your natural resources—wild.

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