Tales From the Arctic

We didn’t just make an IMAX film about the Arctic, we took you there.

You'll feel the cold as you come face to face with polar bears, walrus, seals and other wildlife.

Whether diving under the sea ice, mounting cameras to airplanes and dogsleds, or just staying up all night to get the shot, we did it.

This new video series shows you how.

Filmmakers at Work

Shooting a movie in the Arctic is no small feat. We worked with a top notch crew of filmmakers to capture incredible imagery at the top of the world. Here are some stills we shot along the way.

High Latitude Locations

Brad Ohlund, IMAX Cinematographer: "Giant screen filmmaking provides an opportunity to transport audiences in a nearly life-like manner. No other format does this as effectively. This does present us with unique and difficult challenges, but in the end, they are as much fun to make as they are to watch."

The map at left shows the various locations that the MFF film crew visited while shooting the film.