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Aquarius in the News

World’s Only Underwater Research Center to be Saved [Marine Science Today]

The Great Depths of a Dynasty: Cousteau Legacy Lives in ITV Mini Doc Mission Aquarius [Koldcast]

Aquarius Reef Base, world’s only undersea lab, falls victim to budget ax [Washington Post]

Lawmakers Suba Dive to Underwater lab in Fla. Keys [The Miami Herald]

One World One Ocean: 'Shining a Spotlight on the World's Only Undersea Lab' [Huffington Post: Green]

Funding Cut Hurts Undersea Lab off Florida Keys [Fox News]

Last undersea lab set to close off Florida Keys [Yahoo! News]

Funding cut imperils undersea lab off Fla. Keys [KSRO 1350 AM Newstalk]

Funds Crunch May Shut Down Last Underwater Lab Aquarius [Device Magazine]

There Is No Such Thing as Normal When You Live at the Bottom of the Sea [Gizmodo]

Top Ocean Researchers Head to the Last Underwater Laboratory Before it Gets Defunded [Treehugger]

What It’s Like To Live In America’s Space Station Under The Sea [Co.EXIST]

Defunded - A Heartbreaking Look at the State of Oceanic Research [BoingBoing]

How Do You Get Dry Towels to an Underwater Sealab? [Treehugger]

Why You Should Care About the Ocean Even If You Don't Live Anywhere Near it [Treehugger]

Why We Need the Ocean [FirstPost]

With Funding Gone, Last Undersea Lab Could Surface [NPR]

The Closure Of Aquarius Reef Base And America's Scientific Ambitions [Huffington Post]

World's only undersea lab could shut down [Christian Science Monitor]

Searching for the Ocean's Secrets From the Last Undersea Base [Gizmodo]

Foundation Could Save Aquarius Marine Lab [Star News]

The Other Final Frontier [NY Times]

How You Connect an Underwater Outpost to the Rest of the World [Gizmodo]

The Watch Desk is Always Watching [Gizmodo]

How Do You Get Dry Supplies to an Underwater Base- Without a Submarine [Gizmodo]

This Is How You Live at the Bottom of the Ocean [Gizmodo]

Mission Aquarius: Journey to the World’s Last Undersea Research Station [Gadling]

Science Fiction Becomes Reality: Asteroids and the Aquarius Underwater Laboratory [Huffington Post]

Aquarius Laboratory [Wikipedia]

VIMS Professor Leads Mission to Underwater Research [William & Mary News]

NASA’s NEEMO: Bringing Space to the Deep [Wired]

Deep Science [NationalGeographic.com]

How Astronauts Train at the Bottom of the Sea [Popular Science]

US Budget Cuts Threaten to Sink Undersea Research Fleet [Science Magazine]

Mission Aquarius is a project of Aquarius Reef Project.


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