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Sea turtles are magnificent creatures that have graced our oceans for millions of years. Six of the world’s seven sea turtle species are found in the Coral Triangle, a region that is critical for the survival of these ancient mariners. Yet over the last decades, sea turtle numbers have dropped dramatically, and today nearly all of the Coral Triangle sea turtles species is endangered.



-- Check out the "Sea Turtles of West Papua" Infographic --

You can help the sea turtles of the Coral Triangle and around the world by making a donation to our conservation partners:

World Wildlife Foundation

Donations support WWF’s conservation work in the Coral Triangle and around the world to protect sea turtles and other species and their habitats. WWF’s conservation projects in the Coral Triangle include community patrolling of sea turtle nesting beaches, buildling hatcheries to protect sea turtle eggs and hatchlings, developing alternative sources of protein and income for local residents, and supporting sea turtle-based ecotourism.

One World One Ocean Foundation

One World One Ocean FoundationOne World One Ocean Foundation (OWOOF) educates and inspires people globally to restore and protect our one ocean—the life-support system upon which we and sea turtles mutually depend. OWOOF supports the creation of Marine Protected Areas that help ecosystems thrive, allowing sea turtles and other marine life to flourish, now and for future generations.

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Learn more and make a donation »


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