Sharks are beautiful, important animals that should be protected rather than feared.  Sharks keep the ocean healthy, and the ocean keeps humans healthy, so fighting to protect these magnificent animals is in our own interest.

Our “Get Schooled on Sharks” initiative intends to transform human perceptions of sharks from a species to be feared to a species to be admired and valued.  Together let’s change the shark conversation.


Looking for some more awesome shark coverage to watch between Shark Week programs? Check out these shark videos!


Help Save Sharks!

Are you an ocean influencer or just want to share the facts about how awesome sharks are? Dive into our Shark Week toolkit where you can find a school of video, photos, and fun facts to share with your friends and followers!


Spread the word! Here are a few ways you can spread the word about sharks online:

  • Educate yourself on sharks, there's and ocean full of information on them! #LearnMoreFearLess



You can help the save sharks by checking out our conservation partners:

Be Scared for Sharks

Oceana is working to protect and restore shark populations by pushing for enforceable shark finning bans, promoting shark fin trade bans, setting species-specific catch limits, and advocating for measures to reduce shark bycatch. The good news is that significant progress has been made.


Adopt a Whale Shark

Donation will be used in general support of WWF's efforts around the world including the support of whale sharks, blue sharks, and great white sharks.

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