ABC7 News: America’s Cup Partners with One World One Ocean

January 2, 2012

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO)—It’s being called the largest media campaign ever that’s focused on protecting the oceans. It includes IMAX movies, a television series and a thousand online videos and now, the America’s Cup wants to be part of it.

The pictures are amazing and the message is that our oceans are in trouble. World renowned oceanographer, National Geographic explorer, and Oakland resident Sylvia Earle is a part of this project.

“The biggest problem facing the ocean is that people don’t know that the ocean is in trouble and therefore so are we. So whatever we can do…” said Earle.

What Earle is doing is joining the One World One Ocean foundation, which has partnered with the America’s Cup Event Authority to promote ocean conservation through the largest media campaign of its kind.

“It’s a huge campaign and we’ve dedicated our company, we’ve created the foundation called One World One Ocean,” said Shaun MacGillivray from MacGillivray Freeman Films.

MacGillivray says it’s the culmination of his father’s career as a movie maker and someone who spent his life on the California coast.

“Grew up right by the beach, saw how the ocean has changed, especially in his own backyard. And decided, ‘Now that I’m at a point that I can do something about it, I want to dedicate my company and see what I can do to inspire people to protect the ocean,’” said MacGillivray.

The goal behind the videos that are being produced is to increase ocean protection areas to give fish a chance to rebound. The second goal is to educate people about eating fish, what is sustainable and what is not. And the third goal is to reduce plastic pollution in the ocean.

One World One Ocean will produce three IMAX movies, one feature film, eight television specials and 1,000 online video’s including 30 second public service announcements that will play within the America’s Cup coverage. It will be a chance for the America’s Cup to be seen as something more than the stereotypical rich-man’s yacht race and an opportunity for scientist and conservationists to reach a wider audience.

“These little public service announcements or big projects, whatever it takes, this is the time to do everything we can to make a difference,” said Earle.

The America’s Cup partnership with One World One Ocean has already started and the media campaign will extend far beyond the Americas Cup races in 2013. You can catch what they’re doing and see what you can do at their website.

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