Dive in July 16

From July 16-21, One World One Ocean will join a team of aquanauts led by Dr. Sylvia Earle, National Geographic Explorer-In-Residence and OWOO science adviser, for a 6-day underwater expedition to the Aquarius Reef Base – the only undersea lab in the world, located in the heart of the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary. Mission Aquarius marks the last expedition to this national treasure, which is scheduled for closure due to government budget cuts.


Direct from Aquarius 60 feet underwater, we will bring you live interviews and real time reporting with the aquanaut team and special guests as they conduct scientific research and call for increased ocean exploration and conservation.

The Mission Aquarius aquanauts are true ocean explorers, shining a light into the unknowns of the ocean—the planet’s lifeline—and showing how much there is still to learn.

Download the Mission Aquarius Fact Sheet


Known as “America’s Inner Space Station,” Aquarius has supported 114 missions since 1993, unraveling many of the ocean’s mysteries. From understanding the disappearance of coral reefs, to training NASA astronauts for space, to providing research on sea sponges, the source of  multiple cancer drugs, Aquarius is one of the planet’s most important brain trusts.

Join One World One Ocean in celebrating 50 years of scientists living underwater, and supporting Dr. Earle’s mission to increase ocean exploration and critical projects like Aquarius that help protect the ocean – and us.


Mission Aquarius is coming to you live July 16. Join the conversation now, here and at #missionaquarius, for updates and announcements.

Aquarius Habitat© Stephen Frink/stephenfrink.com

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